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Relationships Between Access to Mobile Devices, Student Self-Directed Learning, and Achievement
Hot off the virtual press from the Journal of Technology Education. How does instant access to the internet impact learning experiences?


A Bellwether for All Library Services in the Future: A Review of User-Centered Library Integrations with Learning Management Systems

What do users really need from a learning management system? From Virginia Libraries.


The Hero Roland and the Question of Intentionality

From the archives of Electronic Antiquity.


Aerogel Fabrics in Advanced Space Suit Applications
Planning for space travel from the Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research.


KEEP UP THE FIGHT Eudora Ramsay Richardson and the Evolution of Feminism After Suffrage

From the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review.


“The Nigh and Best Way”: The Early Development of Roads in Montgomery County
A little something close to home from the Smithfield Review.


Fueling the New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration & Racial Bias
Discussion of Michelle Alexander’s book, brought to you by Philologia.


Black Feminist Thought and why it Matters Today
Concerning Patricia Hill Collins’ book, Black Feminist Thought. From SPECTRA, the ASPECT journal.

Evaluation of a Nuclear Energy Production Technology Program
From the Journal of Technology Studies, this study investigated the perceptions held by key individuals within the energy industry involved in the development of an Energy Production Technology degree program at a Midwest community college to help address the need for qualified workers for the local nuclear power plants.


Vibrio anguillarum and V. ordalii Disinfection for Aquaculture Facilities
From the International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture.