Here in the monthly journal highlights we point out instances of fine scholarship from both the past and present. This is like the greatest hits from our stack of locally published and archived scholarly journals.

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The Elegant Cinnabarinums

Felice Blake shares her fascination with this unusual rhododendron.

Older Adult Hunger: Theoretical Support for Community-Based Nutrition Programs

Community Change brings you this sobering look at a stubborn problem.Water Quality and Nutrient Aspects in Recirculating Aquaponic Production of Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii and the Lettuce, Lactuca sativa

Do you ever wonder about farming fish and other aquatic animals? If you do, the International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture is just the place to get your feet wet!

Competencies and Traits of Successful Agricultural Science Teachers

A notable read from the Journal of Career and Technical Education from back in 2007.

Journey to Meet the Pigman

Brought to you by none other than The Alan Review, Paul Zindel relates the story behind the story.

Building a Framework for Engineering Design Experiences in High School

An ever popular topic from the Journal of Technology Education.

Simulation of a Start-up Manufacturing Facility for Nanopore Arrays

Just in case you were thinking of starting one, the Journal of Technology Studies has you covered.

Bewitched: Witchcraft, Life Insurance and the Business of Murder

The Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review brings you this historical account of a deadly insurance fraud ring.


Stellar undergraduate scholarship from Philologia and CLAHS.

Sovereignty in the City: The Tacticalization of ‘Disallowed’ Life

Brought to you by SPECTRA, The ASPECT Journal, this paper examines sovereignty as a modality of power that is not possessed by a singular authority but instead embodied in the collective activity of a people.

Using Proximity Beacons to Connect Physical & Virtual Library Spaces: A Case Study

From Virginia Libraries, this piece looks at the use of proximity beacons as part of a library’s engagement strategy.

Strength and Microscopy Analysis of Surface-modified Soda-lime-silicate Glass Rods

From the Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research, this study looks at the strength of glass.